Cranium-Cracking Cryptic Crosswords, Volume 2
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Wordplay devices

Combination clues

It’s very common, especially with longer words, to see combination clues that coordinate multiple wordplay devices to hint at their solution – for example, an anagram in container, an anagram containing a word or piece of a word, an anagram plus charade, a word containing a reversal or a hidden word in reverse. No matter how a clue combines different wordplay devices, each one will be called out with an appropriate indicator, and multiple indicators will be logically arranged (e.g., an anagram followed by an unscrambled word will always have the anagram indicator next to the fodder to be rearranged):

Band with lively set taking a break (7)
Fanatic involved in reversal of fortune (3)

Answers: R(EST)ING (SET anagrammed inside RING), NUT (hidden in forTUNe reversed).